Cultural heritage and cultural environment

Cultural heritage and cultural environment


In the Cultural Heritage Act it is stated that cultural monuments, sites and environments with their distinctive character and variation shall be protected both as part of our cultural heritage and identity, and as part of integrated environmental and resource management.

It is a national responsibility to safeguard these resources as scientific source material and as a lasting basis for the experience, self-understanding, well-being and activities of present and future generations.

By cultural heritage, the law understands all traces of human activity in our physical environment, including localities associated with historical events, beliefs or traditions. Cultural environments refer to areas where cultural heritage is part of a larger whole or context.

We endorse the view of the importance of preserving cultural heritage, and the company is a member of the National Trust of Norway. On the other hand, we see that the Cultural Heritage Act and measures pursuant thereto may cause difficulties for owners and users of real property.

Cultural monuments from ancient times and the Middle Ages, i.e. from before 1537, Sami cultural monuments from 1917 or older and standing buildings from the period 1537-1649, are automatically protected and are the property of the State of Norway. Newer cultural monuments and sites can be protected by individual decisions.

On properties where there is a protected cultural monument, there is generally a prohibition on measures that may affect the cultural heritage, typically a Viking burial mound. If the owner wishes to implement measures, the Act stipulates requirements for notification and obtaining permission from the authorities. Investigations may incur costs for the landowner or developer.

It is important to proceed in the right way according to the law. We can assist with advice on the law and when contacting the authorities.

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