Planning and processing of building applications

Planning and processing of building applications


If the owner of real property wishes to build or initiate other measures on the property, in most cases a permit must be sought before the work is initiated. The central act in this area is the Act relating to planning and processing of building applications.

First, the Act has a plan or land-use section, which relates to how the country's land is to be used and regulated.

The second main part contains rules on the processing of construction cases, and is intended to ensure proper execution and control of construction work.

Loven gjelder alle typer aktiviteter og virksomheter knyttet til fast eiendom. Den gjelder for hele landet og alle tiltak. Med «tiltak» etter loven menes oppføring, riving, endring, herunder fasadeendringer, endret bruk og andre tiltak knyttet til bygninger, konstruksjoner og anlegg, samt terrenginngrep og opprettelse og endring av eiendom. Som tiltak regnes også annen virksomhet og endring av arealbruk som vil være i strid med arealformål, planbestemmelser og hensynssoner.

Implementation of measures covered by the Act may only take place if they do not conflict with the provisions of the Act and associated regulations, the land-use part of the municipal master plan and the zoning plan; cf. chapter 20 of the Act relating to the obligation to apply and permit applications. This also applies if the project is exempt from the obligation to apply.

We assist landowners and others in connection with building applications and any rejection of applications.

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