Craftsman services

Craftsman services


A real estate requires follow-up and maintenance. Often there is a need to engage professionals; craftsmen such as electricians, plumbers, masons, etc.

Parties that are not consumers agree on what is to be performed, either in writing or orally. Disagreements about the work often have to be settled by finding out what was actually agreed, and how the agreement should be legally understood.

Many agreements on artisan services take place when the owner of a property, who is a consumer, engages a craftsman to perform works on the property. In such cases, the Craftsman Services Act shall apply.

The Act applies to agreements or assignments concerning specific services (repairs, maintenance, installations, conversions, etc.) entered into between service providers in their business activities and consumers. In this case, too, disagreement about the assignement often has to be decided by finding out what was actually agreed, and how the agreement is to be legally understood. But the provisions of the law are set to protect the consumer and contain rules that impose additional obligations on the craftsman.

We assist both craftsmen and buyers of craftsman services in disputes. If an amicable solution is not appropriate, we also assist in cases before the courts.

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