Property rights

Property rights


A real estate is defined by a farm number and property unit number in a municipality, and registered in Matrikkelen, which is kept by the Norwegian Mapping Authority. The Cadastre is Norway's official property register, and contains information about property boundaries, area, buildings, homes and addresses.

The Land Registry is a public register, which lists registered rights and obligations in property. Previously, the Land Registry was a physical book with handwritten sheets, but now it is a data register managed by the Norwegian Mapping Authority. The most commonly registered rights are mortgage bonds, which secure loans and other monetary obligations assumed by the owner of the property. Agreements for others to use the property, typically the right to travel across the property or to have sewer lines and electrical wiring in the ground or air, are also common.

Anyone can check what is registered in the Cadastre or registered in the Land Registry. This requires login.

In addition to registered rights, there may be non-registered rights in the property, which may be personal to a rights holder, or real rights for another property, typically the right of access.

The public may also have the right to pass over the property: a right of public access or commons. There may also be a latent right on the property in the form of a claim for posession.

All of these rights may give rise to disagreement and dispute, where we can assist one or more parties with advice and in any dispute.

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