Sale and purchase of real estate

Sale and purchase of real estate


Transfer of real property often takes place when the seller has engaged a real estate agent, who uses his standard purchase contract to document the agreement between buyer and seller.

In principle, the parties have freedom of contract, but the purchase contract must satisfy mandatory rules in the Disposal Act.

The Disposal Act regulates the rights and obligations between the buyer and the seller when transfering of real property by voluntary sale, or when disposal takes place by exchange or gift. Some provisions cannot be deviated from to the detriment of the buyer when he or she is a consumer.

We assist with advice when concluding the contract and in connection with subsequent disagreement about the contract, the seller's delay in handing over the property or the buyer's delay in payment of the purchase price, or in the buyer's complaint about actual or legal defects in the property. If necessary, we assist our party in disputes before the courts.

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